Cynthia Fadi Zarazir
Personal information (Title & Position):
Member of the Executive Committee in ReLebanon
Beirut 1
Political Sector:
Electoral List:
Main Electoral Topics:
Development of the Prisons Law
Harassment law enforcement
Detainees in Syrian prisons
Number of Votes:
Area(s) of Expertise:
Audio Visual
Audio visual
- Born in Hazmieh in 1982
- Audio-visual graduate
- Owner of a previous photography company
- Associate producer and reporter at an educational social program previously screened on the SAT7 channel
- Official representative for many organizations owners

• Activist in the October 17 Revolution from its very inception on the streets and during movements

• Member of ReLebanon Group

• History:
- Political activist and fighter since the 90s.
- She participated in the anti-Syrian occupation movements and was arrested many times
- She founded the Human Rights Club at the AUT University where the main case was the Lebanese detainees in Syrian prisons and missing persons of war
- She has been active during the post-Beirut explosion period in terms of standing by the affected and victims by securing daily meals and medicines and contributing through a friends group in Lebanon and abroad in the repair and restoration of a number of damaged houses
- Long scout experience
- Long term responsible for the Northern Metn Schools in a previous party experience
- University representative for three years in a previous party experience
- She expressed a firm rejection position to the leading performance in a previous party experience which led to her leaving decision after a confrontation with the party's founding president