Dalal Halim Rahbani
Personal information (Title & Position):
Retired General at Lebanese General Security
Beirut 2
Political Sector:
Electoral List:
Main Electoral Topics:
Regaining the Lebanese Sovereignty; Anti-Corruption laws; Empowerment of Lebanese Women
Area(s) of Expertise:
Anti-trafficking Laws; former judge at the military court; improving and implementing laws to fight corruption; formulating laws to empower and support women in all fields
Bachelor in Law
General Dalal Halim Al-Rahbani Biography

- Retired General in the Lebanese General Security (former Acting Director General of the Lebanese General Security).
- Married to the retired Brigadier General Nabil Ghafari, former Military Police Chief.
- Holds a Bachelor of Law and a Diploma in Public International Law.
- She served for 35 years in several offices and was the Office of Documentation and Confidential Information President in the Lebanese General Security.
- Former judge in the Military Appeal Court.
- She participated in many international conferences in the Unites States of America, China and Italy.
- She represented the Lebanese General Security in many international and local conferences and participated in many workshops.
- She headed the security delegation in the negotiations between Lebanon, the European Union and the Mediterranean countries.
- Member of the Evangelic caste (minority).
- Former candidate in the parliamentary elections – 2018 for the Evangelic seat in Beirut II.
- Has many television and journal interviews in many local and international journals and magazines.
- Masters the Arabic and English languages and is familiar with French.
- Won many honors and medals.
Media/ videos/ interviews: