Sawsan Mhammad Rached Kasha
Personal information (Title & Position):
PhD in International Law
North Leb 2 (Minnieh-Dinnieh & Tripoli)
Political Sector:
Electoral List:
Main Electoral Topics:
Campaign Title: To achieve Justice, Law is my right

Our vision
Lebanon is facing an unprecedented crisis that combines a severe financial and economic collapse, political distrust, institutional stalemate, health crisis, and environmental degradation.
To overcome these challenges, we must develop a reform plan that addresses all the priorities to save Lebanon

Our goals
Empower women through establishing strategies for her to participate equally and fairly in the political and public life
Improve the minimum wage to meet a decent life
Secure healthcare and medications to all citizens
Strengthen relations among parties and serve Lebanon through international relations
Support public schools and enforce free and quality education
Develop a comprehensive study for public sector employees and implement e-government to halt administrative corruption
Develop a unified tax reform plan convenient for all sectors
Expand import and export to meet global markets and develop customs
Adopt a modern pension system and guarantee the entitlements of all the members of the national social security fund
Develop a sustainable national program for poverty reduction
Find solutions for power outages
Control technical and non-technical waste
Legislate laws governing the electricity sector and establish rapidly the sector’s regulatory authority
Invite Lebanese investors to contribute to the “National Company for Electricity” provided that national standards for transparency are implemented.
Close illegal borders to prevent smuggling
Prevent customs and tax evasion
Reopen Qleiat airport which will secure 6000 job opportunities
Support the development and expansion of Tripoli port to include its infrastructure, administration and storage areas taking into account not to compete with Beirut port and not to be affected by the Syrian borders
The independency of the judiciary and activate the judicial inspection and separate it from political authorities
Finalize pending cases
Implement banking and monetary laws which allow Banque du Liban to restructure the banking sector
Immediate adoption of Quota law
Monitor food traders
Area(s) of Expertise:
Dr. Sawsan Kahsa, born in Tripoli in 1995, holder of a PHD in International Law. She conducted several studies on the national humanitarian law and national human rights law and suggested numerous solutions for the genocide crimes. She participated in the International Day of Remembrance, Honor and Prevention of Genocide Victims Conference. She participated in the Social Justice Conference. She worked on the national workshop on the concept of social justice and the process of integrating social justice principles into public plans, policies and programs. She participated in the conference on empowering women and their developmental role in the political, social and national society. She is the a founding member of the governing body of the European International Organization for Human Rights in Sweden. President of the Watan Initiative for Human Rights in Lebanon. Member of the General Secretariat of the Human Rights Commission of the German International Organization for Development and Peace in Germany. Member of the complaint’s office of the German International Organization for Development and Peace. Chair of the Committee for the Modernization of International Humanitarian Laws. Member of the League of Arab States. Member of Amnesty International. Member of the International Court of Justice. Member of the International Criminal Court. Director of Legal Committees in the European Union. Responsible for the liaison process between the staff of the European Union Coordination Office. Legal advisor at the Human Rights Commission. Advisor on International Trade Law in the European Union. Head of the International Representative in Lebanon of the International Organization for Peace and Hope for Man and Homeland. Head of the Lebanese branch of the International Organization for Justice and Human Rights in Canada.
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