Chaden Rafiq Maalouf
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نقابة المعلمين ١٩٨٠-١٩٩٠ مواطنون منذ ٢٠١٨
Mount Leb 2 (Metn)
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War did not prevent me from enduring my fight. The sense of responsibility towards my people and country forced me to rebel and join a political organization that represent my beliefs; “Citizens in a state” brought me back into the political life
I am running for elections to stop the immigration and secure a future for our youth and guarantee a decent life for our elderlies.
I hold an integrated political project to get out of the crisis and overthrow those who exterminated the whole society.
I represent all Lebanese citizens. My aim is a real, fair, and capable civil state.
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Maitrise de Lettres Françaises
I am a front-runner candidate. My confrontation continues before, with and after my candidacy. Guns wars did not stop me from carrying on my fight for many years, my youth years. However, I might have surrendered to a harsh reality after its end. Nevertheless, the sense of responsibility was reinstated in me and forced me to rise up and join a political organization that represents my beliefs. The "Citizens in a State" movement reintegrated me in the political sphere. I am a candidate because I experienced the war with its violence, horrors and tragedies, so I decided to fight to avoid its return. I am a candidate to stop the immigration bleeding, to bring back parents sending off their children at the airports hallways and to prevent youth from wasting their lifetime savings to support their parents. What future do we want for our children, our grandchildren and us? What social safety do we want for the elderly? I am a candidate who is holding an alternative and integrated political project that we reveal sincerely to get out of the crisis that this vicious helpless authority has led us to, a draft provision that aims to overthrow those who planned to annihilate society, the whole society, including their "environment". I am a candidate for all Lebanon, a candidate who resembles all citizens and a candidate to break the artificial barriers that were planted inside people's minds aiming to arrest the responsible authorities. I want a real state, a capable and fair civil state.