Farah Kamel Naser
Personal information (Title & Position):
Director / Producer
Mount Leb 1 (Jbeil, Keserwan)
Political Sector:
Electoral List:
BA from Institute of Fine Arts, Lebanese university
I am party assigned candidate. I was committed to this assignment with a determination to serve a clear draft provision that I am manifesting since I joined the "Citizens in a State" movement, which means since the outset of my conviction and awareness of the responsibility that the current circumstances have imposed on me towards my family and parents. I am afraid of me, my siblings' immigration, and our family's separation and I am afraid of our humiliation and our parents' humiliation with their health, our parents who are growing up in despair with a fear of indigence. I am furious at a reality that I am refusing for it to be a destiny. I am afraid of unequal opportunities between my children, my siblings' children and my friends' children with their simple right of education. This sense of responsibility towards the family expends to reach the whole society. Yes, our state has collapsed and the disability is becoming clearer. Today, even our common horrible story is changing, but it is getting worse and not better because the society is draining, the youth are immigrating, the families are being separated and the community leaders authority has only one purpose: renewing their legitimacy in front of the foreign countries in order to collect some pieces of money and spending them into the same methodology, which means without any fair and meaningful distribution of the losses. The question today is "Will we accept not to participate in writing a common story appropriate to our society where each one of its members is a victim of this community-based political system?" 65 candidates all over Lebanon and I am one of them, until a day comes and we tell our kids that our destiny is to impose a new story about this society, a society that turned this crisis to an opportunity in spite of all that she witnessed.