Imane Isam Darnika
Personal information (Title & Position):
University professor/ President of a Cultural Center
North Leb 2 (Minnieh-Dinnieh & Tripoli)
Political Sector:
Electoral List:
Main Electoral Topics:
Education- Social Protection
Area(s) of Expertise:
Master Degree in English Literature / Mast Degree in Political Science/ Bachelor Degree in Law
Iman Issam Dernaika

- A woman from Tripoli and a member of the Dernaika family. Her mother is Fatima Naamat Owaida. She is married to Amer Al Kamali.
- She is a woman with good social, scientific and cultural aspects.
- She is the president of Elite Center of Culture and Education located in Tripoli, lecturer at St Joseph University, high school education teacher at a state school administrated by the Ministry of Education.
- She is a social activist who handled many cultural activities and a political researcher who wrote several political articles (An-Nahar journal, Al Intichar, Al-Istichariya, Mahkama legal magazine).
- She participated in several international seminars outside Lebanon and presented many conferences covering cultural, political and economic subjects.
- She worked and still works to serve the people of Tripoli by registering a number of students annually in public schools and high schools in collaboration with international organizations.
- She won the Fullbright prize from the United States of America and participated in conferences in American universities.
- She participated in the World Innovation Summit for Education in India.
- She received honor shields and thank notes from the embassies of Canada, India, Kazakhstan, and Korea…
- She established a public library in the Elite Center of Culture and Education.
- She deliberately speaks and writes, in addition to English (her language of specification), French and Arabic.
- She attended several television interviews to highlight on cultural affairs and Lebanese women's role in leadership and decision making positions

Education Achievements:
- Higher Education Master degree in Political and Administrative Sciences from the Lebanese University – Faculty of Law and Political Sciences – Second branch – Jal el Dib
- Law degree from the Lebanese University – Faculty of Law and Political Sciences – Third branch – end of 2022
- Master of Advanced Studies in Literature and English Language from Holy Spirit University – Kaslik
- Proficiency or Master degree in Education from the Lebanese University – Dekwaneh
- International law for human rights certificate from the Jinan University and the René Cassin Universal Declaration of Human Rights Organization, Strasbourg
- Certificate of completion of the mediation program "Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston (IMGH)"
- Certificate of completion of the Fullbright program for faculty development from the North Carolina University in the United States of America
Media/ videos/ interviews: