Jeanette Youssef Frangieh
Personal information (Title & Position):
North Leb 2 (Minnieh-Dinnieh & Tripoli)
Political Sector:
Electoral List:
Main Electoral Topics:
"Fighting for Citizen rights.
Fighting vulnerability through implementing development projects
Create job opportunities for youth
Fighting against GBV and inequality
Enhance public schools
Enhance public hospitals"
Area(s) of Expertise:
Human rights including women and youth rights. GBV, women empowerment and development.
DEA genetics
Jeanne Frangieh, was born in Zgharta, North of Lebanon from a Lebanese father and a Greek mother.
Studied at Antonine Sisters school till the high school level. Then I’ve got my Masters in Biology at the Lebanese University of Beirut and get my DEA in genetics from University - Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris.
Since my childhood I have the skills of leadership and creativity. I was always leading my brothers, my cousins, my friends. I like challenges and enjoy resolving problems. When I start a business or whatever else, I like to be pioneer, I never do something that is already done by
other people, I like to be creative and start from scratch. I’m very responsible and detail seeker, can manage to do several tasks in the same time. However, I do delegate tasks and give others responsibilities to I like to undertake.
Since my childhood, I like the social life and I was in the Scout and I became chef. Was in the Rotaract club and become president, then joined the Rotary Club.
Knowing that in all the organizations that I’ve joined I was the only lady or sometimes we were two or three ladies max.
Started my business life as a product manager responsible for the MENA region with an international pharmaceutical company. In parallel I established the first Paramedical store in Zgharta , there was no other one in the North (only one in Tripoli), it was really a challenge but I was so proud of myself. Then in 2004 with the support of my Husband who always pushes me forward and believes in my capacities, I established Ortholine a medical equipment company, and then in 2011 I established Jomiclopharma a pharmaceutical company, in 2015 I founded HDA a National NGO, and currently I’, the CEO of HDA who is growing very fast and have big networking and has great work in Women and youth empowerment and Women’s right. Fights against GBV. I believe in women’s power and fights for including women in all the decision making positions.
In 2018 I established JOROMICO a construction company.
I’m very optimistic, enthusiastic and never give up. I’m a fighter for human rights in general and women and girls right specially. I aim very high. I’m a workaholic person however I enjoy life, I have a lot of friends, and have time for social life, sports and of course for my family who is my everything. I’m a mother for four lovely children, and a wife of an outstanding husband who is my support and I inspire my power from him.
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