Karen Beatrice Raymond Al Boustany
Personal information (Title & Position):
Writer / Journalist / Political Activist
Mount Leb 1 (Jbeil, Keserwan)
Political Sector:
Electoral List:
Area(s) of Expertise:
Media Guru, interviewed more than 1800 writers from Lebanon, the Arab world and worldwide
Bachelor in French Literature from Sorbone, and Masters in Media and Political Scienes from Lebanese American Univeristy
• Writer, woman in media and political activist
• Born in Ain Al-Rihaneh – Kesserwan
• Grew up in a noble house of town's most prominent people
• Studied at the Collège Saint Joseph in Antoura
• Continued her university studies in France
• Graduated from the Paris-Sorbonne University where she got a Bachelor degree in French Literature
• In addition, she loves culture to the point that she got a Master's degree in Media and Political Science from the Lebanese American University
• She wrote two books about French Literature that were translated to many languages and were published in Paris and London
• She wrote hundreds of political, cultural and literature articles in Lebanese and international magazines
• She was featured on the cover of the most important American magazine "Starts Magazine" in New York where she had a column to write in about various subjects in English
• A noble woman in media who started her career since 2009 on MTV channel in a cultural program titled "Kitab" (A Book) were she interviewed more than 1800 writers from Lebanon and the Arab and European Worlds
• She shined during the "Asmaa Min Al-Tharikh" (Names of History) program on LBCI channel that was produced by her, where she interviewed thousands of successful expats in all fields and had an international print that made her the first international interviewer
• She was featured on the cover of an international book that speaks about the 100 most important person in the world where she was elected one of them because of her accomplishments, elegance, presence and type of writing in 2020 and 2021
• Karen Boustany won 12 international and local rewards for her successful media career and shining humanitarian career that helped her in representing Lebanon in international conferences and forums in Europe and the United States of America
• She founded an advertising, marketing and producing company in 2005 in Lebanon, then in 2017 in Dubai
• She founded a foundation that is considerate the best in the Arab world in relation to ALS with Dr. Jamil Zoughaib "ALS-Lebanon"
• She was nominated to be the Ambassador of Oum El-Nour Foundation overseas
• She founded the Link foundation that focuses on employing university graduates where she helped in the employment of 3000 Lebanese student in Lebanon and abroad till date and the foundation's work continues
• Helped more than 1000 families all over Lebanon due to the social degradation since 2020
• Provided financial assistance to more than 50 families who were affected by the Beirut Port Explosion
Media/ videos/ interviews: