Lina Manouk Geokjian
Personal information (Title & Position):
Bekaa 1 (Zahle)
Political Sector:
Electoral List:
Main Electoral Topics:
"Legislate laws to fight corruption and waste of public money
Establish development projects to attract foreign investments to reduce unemployment and support industry and agriculture
Update educational curricula and implement administrative decentralization
Propose a unified personal status law
Propose laws and implement decrees on women’s rights in the field of family, work and employment
Work towards finding solutions to treat pollution, especially in the Litani River
Propose laws to regulate the foreign presence, especially the Syrians, in our region until they could safely return to their country "
Area(s) of Expertise:
Law and legal advice, as well as education and associations.
Lina Manouk Kokjian Hayek, born in Zahle in 1973.
I've been working as an appeal lawyer under the union number 7396 since 2000.
I began my education in the Armenian Belkjian School - Zahle, then transferred to the Evangelical High School, and finished my legal studies at the Lebanese University, where I graduated first in my class.
My motivation for studying law is to become the first Armenian lawyer in the Middle Bekaa region, as well as to develop legal and social justice principles.
In the year 2000, I married Hamed Jamil Hayek and we had three children: Celine, Maria, and Jad.
I can't recall a day when I didn't set a rigorous aim to increase my competence and talents rather than attempting to accomplish an impossible goal.
I am running for the 2022 parliamentary elections to solve the imbalance and to oppose every corrupt scheme in order to improve Lebanon's state and institutions.
My objective is to contribute to the presentation of the essential legislation in order to accomplish true structural transformation on the legal, economic, educational, health, and environmental levels.
Instead of borrowing from overseas, my objective is to propose legislation to combat administrative and judicial corruption, as well as legislation to reduce waste. I encouraged the administration to issue implementing decrees for new legislation.
My objective is to monitor and debate finances. My role will be to discuss the required legislation to preserve the separation of judicial, executive, and legislative authorities.
My purpose is to hold the government accountable for its policies, especially if they are unjust and incorrect.
I believe in a secular civic state, lawful weaponry, and a policy of disassociation. I also trust in my capacity to resist quotas, favouritism, and clientelism while putting the nation's interests first and foremost.
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