Linda-Maria Boulos Macari (Withdrew)
Personal information (Title & Position):
President of Justice For All Ngo
North Leb 2 (Minnieh-Dinnieh & Tripoli)
Political Sector:
Main Electoral Topics:
"1- Independent Judicial system
2- Sovereignty (weapons only with official military and patriotism in decision-making)
3- transparency and accountability "
Area(s) of Expertise:
Politics, international affairs and diplomacy
1- Major (BA) in international affairs and diplomacy from Notre Dame University
2- Minor in political science from Notre Dame University
Linda received her double major in Notre Dame University (NDU) in "International affairs and diplomacy" and "Political science". After she finished her studies, Linda traveled to Nigeria and opened a logistics and transportation business where she excelled.
She is the founder of NGO "Justice for all", and has built a reputation for exposing and facing corruption in Lebanon. Linda has a passion for fighting injustice and working on bringing justice to Lebanon. After becoming an iconic profile and a known face for the 17th of October revolution, and participating in crafting an action plan for building Lebanon, Linda decided to run for the 2022 parliamentary elections for the Maronite seat in Tripoli, for justice in her country. She is the head of the “Revolution protection community” which emerged after the 17th of October revolution.
Linda has more than 7 years of experience in advocating for justice specifically in the political and public spheres. She is a human rights activist and advocate.
Linda also has love for her country, its land and the environment. She was the head of the “The Earth movement” in the north.
Media/ videos/ interviews: