Maguy Badih Aoun
Personal information (Title & Position):
TV Anchor / Instructor in Balamand university / Activist
Bekaa 2 (West Bekaa-Rachaya)
Political Sector:
Electoral List:
Main Electoral Topics:
- Providing the old-age insurance
- Empowering women
- Improving the agricultural sector in west Bekaa
- Focus on the education sector
Area(s) of Expertise:
Media. Academic sector. Social and humanitarian work.
Masters in journalism/Masters in philosophy.
Maguy Aoun is a media professional and a poet whom career was associated with social and humanitarian press. She was one of the first media professionals in the Arab world who experienced the benefits of the global spread of satellite channels to urge people to help each other through a show of direct display on LBC; The show started in 2006 and lasted for 7 consecutive years till 2013 (Nehna La Baad).
Aoun, born in Lebanon, started her career in broadcast journalism in most of the Lebanese radio stations in 1987 and then moved to written press as editor of the magazine “Lamasat”. She also wrote articles in most of the Lebanese newspapers tackling various social and cultural issues, and established in 2005, her own magazine "the world of health" of which she was the editor-in-chief
In 1992, she released her first poetry book entitled "A thousand women in one body," which was recorded using her voice; at that time, the audio book was considered one of the pilot experiments in the Arab world.
Besides the written and visual media, Aoun joined the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation “LBC” in 1996, where she participated in the presentation of the first live morning show in Lebanon and the Arab world. The whole concept of live and unrecorded shows started "Nharkom Said”; Prior to this, all the shows were pre-recorded.
In LBC, Maguy Aoun was known for her cultural excellence and sedate performance and presence which were clearly shown in all cultural, national and humanitarian events.
She hosted, live on TV, most of the renowned activities and festivals in the Arab capitals such as “Al Mabrad” in Iraq, “Qurain” in Kuwait, “Janadriah” in Saudi Arabia, “Hala Muscat” in Oman, the Dubai Shopping Festival and many others. She won the award of the best presenter in TV talk shows from the Lebanese University in 1997.
Beside her career in media, Maguy continued her interest in poetry; in 1998, she issued her second poetry book: "A time from which I am not," which was widely acclaimed by the Lebanese press and for which she subsequently won the award of the Lebanese writers’ forum in 1999.
Aoun began her television career in the LBC, but she also cooperated with many private production companies and participated in the preparation and production of many shows that aired across the Arab satellite channels. Her professional approach and long experience were key in the success of such shows of which we mention the most famous show in Dubai aired in 2005, where Maguy cooperated with a Lebanese production house “Imagic” and selected 13 Arab applicants to be subject to cosmetic surgery following dramatic accidents that happened in their lives; the show gave them the opportunity to benefit from cosmetic surgery. The show took one full year of work in Lebanese hospitals.
We also mention the show called “the wisdom of women", which was executed and produced by Aoun in coordination with “Signature”, a Lebanese company and aired through Abu Dhabi TV in 2010. This was the first medical show presented by 4 female doctors of the Arab world. Subsequently, other medical programs hosted by real doctors began to invade the Arab television channels.
Maguy was also involved in the preparation of two unique shows in the Arab world, about the life and diary of the famous artists "Maysaa Al Moghrabi" and “Cyrine Abd El Nour” within the context of reality TV, broadcasted through the "Al Aan" Television station.
Four years ago, she entered the world of television production and produced, prepared and hosted her distinguished talk show, "Basmati", on the satellite television channel "Al Aan", in which Aoun toured Arab countries to meet leading and widely acclaimed Arab personalities. To date, Aoun has met with more than 50 prominent figures in our Arab homeland
Maguy also trains participants of artistic shows on how to stand in front of the camera and communicate with the public and how to prepare reports and document news, etc.
Currently Aoun present the morning show ‘Sabah el yowm’ on Al Jadeed TV with a group of media professionals.
Aoun teaches "public speaking", "Lebanese journalism", “Arabic writing for News and Media” and ‘Radio Production’ at Balamand University and AUL University in Lebanon.
Maguy Aoun was associated with many of the local events of humanitarian and medical and social aspect, especially after launching her most famous show in the Arab region "Nehna La baad", as a social platform and communication tool aimed to helping people in dire need through connecting them to people of good-will and financial capability. Aoun then remained a guest lecturer, on a number of social and humanitarian occasions, sharing her unique experience that made her a media professional in service of the community.
She is a member of many associations including: the “Lebanese Autism Society” and "Justice without Borders" as well as a founding member of the “National Committee for the donation and transplantation of organs and tissues” in Lebanon.
She obtained a Master’s Degree in Journalism and Communication from USEK- Kaslik with a thesis focused on the role of the media in regards to organ donation (2014) and she is currently preparing for a PHD in “Media and Journalism”.
She founded her NGO “Kellna La Baad” in November 2014 with main objective: Taking care of the families in need. The NGO’s motto is simple: the dignity of those in need is ours.
In 2016, she opened the first center of the elderly in the region of Sin El Fil. On the long run, Aoun hopes to replicate this center and its humanitarian objectives to other areas of Lebanon.
Maguy ran for the last parliamentary elections on the list of "civil society" and intends to continue to play a role in the political arena in future elections.
Throughout her career promoting media as a communication tool in service of the human being and the truth, Maguy Aoun has defined a new concept of the Arab Media.