Maha Khalil Chatila
Personal information (Title & Position):
Beirut 2
Political Sector:
Electoral List:
Main Electoral Topics:
"Fighting all types of injustice
A human rights activist. Contributed to amending laws. Researched various majors, such as the Lebanese labor law, the legal profession organization, and the arbitration clause.
Legal advisor to Shatila Association.
Social Activist. Cooperates with several charities and associations. Founded the Beirut Association.
Loves political work. Supports the Arab identity of Lebanon, its sovereignty and independence."
Area(s) of Expertise:
Private law
Law degree and masters
Maha Shatila is a well known lawyer for the past 24 years. Through her relentless personality she has devoted her life to defend the needy and the poor against all acts of injustice.

She started her academic endeavors with an interior design bachelor at LAU. She then found her passion in finding justice. She got her Law degree at the Lebanese university followed by masters in Private Law at the Islamic university.
She is a human rights activist appointed by the Bar association of the Public relations committee, the prisons committee, the environment committee, and the intellectual and literary committee, for successive sessions. She has also contributed to draft amendment laws and has done legal research in various fields such as the law regulating the legal profession and the arbitrary clause. She is the legal advisor for the SHATILA association.

She loves to work in the social field because of her immaculate upbringing by her father and grandfather. She has collaborations with several Beirut charities and events. In addition she founded the Beirut association.

Maha Shatila loves to support sovereign positions in the political act and her ideology is for Lebanon’s Arabism, sovereignty and independence. She supports righteous matters that need immediate attention.

Outside the courtrooms, Maha Shatila supports sports of all kinds, especially martial arts. Her passion for Full Contact has won her the Lebanese championship for consecutive tournaments back in the 1980s and the Middle East Championship.

She is a loving mother of 6 kids and a grandmother of 3 amazing grandkids. She enjoys traveling and spends her weekends playing with her grandkids. She often spends her free time advocating for womens rights and helping the poor. Whatever Maha does, one thing is certain, She does it with passion and dedication. Through her passion for practicing law and her commitment to establish a better community, Maha Chatila defines what it means to run for the Lebanese parliament elections.