Mona Fahed Succar Labaki
Personal information (Title & Position):
News and Media Journalist
Mount Leb 2 (Metn)
Political Sector:
Electoral List:
Area(s) of Expertise:
Senior Media Anchor at MTV Station
I am a mother and a Lebanese Patriot was always engaged in several social movements before and throughout “The Cedar Revolution”; anticipating always – especially after the termination of the Syrian occupation in April 2005 – to see Lebanon as a “Parliamentary Democratic Republic”; dreaming to see this beautiful Mosaic-Country ‘Swiss of the Orient’ again!

As a journalist and a TV reporter, I was involved in several socio-political reports, programs, activities and seminars to oppose the bad practices of several communal, business and public parties.

I was involved from day one in the ‘17th October 2019 Revolution’ through non-violent protests, demonstrations and speeches; voicing again my opinion and unacceptance of the corruption and unjust socio-political policies of the Lebanese Government.

As a candidate running for the election, I personally believe that my stimulated acts of confrontation as a political activist tends to be so powerful and should make

a ‘major change in the Chamber of Deputies’.

It is for these reasons that I am running for the elections on the 15th May 2022, with the main focus and target to get involved in the political process for the sake of promoting and raising the awareness about a set of socio-political issues; to name few of them: Reclaiming Lebanon’s Sovereign Identity; Accountability of the Corrupt; Improving the Diplomatic Relations with foreign countries with no exception; Legislate new rules to govern both the private and public sector practices; boost the Economy while inviting foreign investments; develop socio-cultural programs; and more programs indeed!


2009 till 2017
Senior News Reporter - MTV (Murr television)

2010 till 2013
Main Speaker & Reporter - MTV Sabaa Program

December 2003 – November 2004
Marketing Coordinator & Brand Image for Toyota & Lexus Lebanon

November 2003
March 2004 - Trainee & News Reporter LBCI

Jan 2022 till today
Socio-Political Platform (Youtube Channel)
Joumhouriah 22

2019 till today of an NGO
SOUL FOR LEBANON (Lebanese American Lobbying in Washington, DC for a United Lebanon –

August 2015-2018
Media Officer - Cedars International Festival (CIF)