Nada Zaarour (Withdrew)
Personal information (Title & Position):
Green Party Leader
Mount Leb 2 (Metn)
Political Sector:
Main Electoral Topics:
My goals resides in achieving ecological, social and economic justice in the world
Area(s) of Expertise:
Politics and sustainable social and economic
Political science -Lebanese University
An environmental and political activist for more than 20 years In 2004, she founded the Green Party in Lebanon with a group of activists .She was elected President of the party from 2011 to 2018 .She is currently President of the party's arbitration board .Her goal resides in achieving ecological, social and economic justice in the world .She’s the founder of Green Mind organization and president since 2012 This organization was established by a group of Lebanese professionals and it Seeks to inspire and promote sustainable social and economic practices across the Middle East and North Africa.

For years, she worked on promoting the reduction of carbon emissions of Lebanon through several initiatives and projects. From encouraging green transportation, to organizing green awards programs recognizing key sustainability initiatives done by both the public and the private sectors in energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste management etc., she has been able to target and impact different society groups such as women, students, businesses, leaders and the general community.
After Paris agreement COP 21,2015 Lebanon has committed to reduce its carbon emissions by setting an unconditional target of 15% CO2 emissions reduction by 2030, and 30% CO2 emissions reduction conditional to finance.

Following to such commitments, she joined hands with the United Nations Development Program in Lebanon, together, and in cooperation with the European Union ClimaSouth team and the Lebanese Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture were able to launch the Lebanon Climate Act program to encourage economic growth by addressing Climate Change challenges and to expand the opportunities for collaboration between the private sector and the civil society organizations on the climate change topics. , many companies of the private sector have proven their true climate leadership and sustainability commitments.
In addition, she has been working on a green recovery and reform vision for Lebanon , which will be used as discussion document among various civil society groups in the country to unify the different views among these various stakeholders around a common future and organized a number of webinars and workshops during the years for the purpose of collecting the wider civil society views on Lebanon’s recovery and reform, especially from a sustainability perspective.

In year 2022 she was appointed for Lebanon country chair in the network of women G100.
G100 is an action and think tank with a global, cross-cultural, intersectional and intentional perspective toward peace, parity and prosperity for all. The mandate of G100 is to provide the thought leadership for the coming decade on what needs to be done for inclusivity and economic and social empowerment of women globally.

She also has substantial expertise in sustainable development, including governance, gender, social inclusion, and environment. As outlined in the annexed green recovery vision, and strives to reduce inequalities, balanced development of all regions, especially rural and marginalized communities, and leaving no one behind.
Her vision also calls for strengthening SMEs, having people centered development, prioritizing food security in agriculture, promoting decentralized and community-based governance, and committing to a circular economy.
Nada Ghorayeb Zaarour is also a member of the international Climate Action Network, and a prospective member of the global Green Economy Coalition, providing her access to international expertise and knowhow from around the globe.
Through her advocacy work in Lebanon and membership in international network has gained substantial expertise in developing and shaping strategies and plans in Lebanon and the region.
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