Setrida Elias Tawk
Personal information (Title & Position):
North Leb 3 (Zgharta, Batroun, Becharreh, Koura)
Political Sector:
Electoral List:
Born in Kumasi, Ghana. May31, 1967
Married to Dr. Samir Geagea

Education :
College of the Marist Brothers Champville
1994. B.A. Political Science
LAU. (Lebanese American University)

Parliamentary Career:
Member of Parliament for 3 consecutive terms:
Member of Parliament for 3 consecutive terms:

2005-2009 : First North District (Becharreh - 'Akkar – Donnyieh)
2009-2018 : District of Becharreh (Term extended 2013-2018)
2018-2022 : Third North District (Becharreh – Zgharta – Koura - Batroun)

Party Membership: Lebanese Forces Party (LF)
Parliamentary Bloc: The Strong Republic
Organizational Membership: The Maronite League

Reading- Sports- Music


1- Party Leadership

- The Lebanese Forces Party was disbanded in 1994 and the head of the party - her husband - Dr. Samir Geagea was unjustly imprisoned, while the Syrian hegemony over Lebanon dealt the party a deadly blow.
- Mrs. Geagea refused to submit to the status quo. She began a stage of struggle and steadfastness in the face of political pressures, security arrests, prosecutions, and attempts of extortion. She struggled with her comrades in the Lebanese Forces Party for eleven years, until the exit of the Syrian army from Lebanon in 2005, and consequently the liberation of her husband from the prisoner and the return of freedom to Lebanon.
- Over the eleven years, Mrs. Geagea challenged all attempts at distorting the history and image of the Lebanese Forces party. She succeeded in maintaining its unity and its historical line for which thousands of martyrs sacrificed their lives in order to preserve Lebanon's independence, freedom, and independence. She joined the Qornet Shehwan Gathering in 2001 that operated under the patronage of the Maronite patriarch where she and the Lebanese Forces party played a prominent role. She also joined the Bristol Gathering that became later the March 14 Movement, the spearhead of the second independence struggle of 2005.
- As a leading LF figure, Mrs. Geagea managed different elections in trade unions, student bodies, municipalities, and other cultural associations; achieving impressive results and proving that the LF was still an active and efficient force in the Lebanese political equation despite the ban imposed on it for years. Most importantly; Mrs. Geagea led the party into the 2005 parliamentary elections, (its first official participation) which resulted in the rise of a six-member LF bloc.

2 – Development and Social Efforts
- MP. Sethrida Geagea bore the concern of the Jobbet Becharreh region, which her people elected to represent her, a region that suffered from official neglect and deprivation since Lebanon's independence until 2005. What increased the deprivation of the region was its targeting by the joint Syrian-Lebanese security regime, which punished the region from a previous conception and determination, as it is a spearhead in the sovereign line, and represents the lair of the Lebanese forces, to which Samir Geagea belongs.
Mrs. Geagea devotes great time and effort to the advancement of her constituency that has suffered from long deprivation, due to the lack of any serious government development projects since the independence of the country; The poor development conditions were exacerbated by years of Syrian occupation and due to the Syrian Lebanese joint security system and their oppressive politics; specifically targeting the region for its known support for the Lebanese Forces and by the fact that LF leader Dr. Samir Geagea is also a native of the area.
3 – Enhancing Women’s Emancipation
Another cause to which MP. Sethrida Geagea is committed, is enhancing the status of Lebanese women and improving their participation in public life, society, politics, media, education, economy or others. To this end, she championed a bill before Parliament to abolish “Honor Killing” from Lebanon's penal code and continues and women to fight to amend and revise all Lebanese laws discriminating between men
Cedars Mountain Foundation (CMF) - 2007
Under registration number 193/AD , she founded CMF, whose mission is to make a positive difference and improve the quality of life of the district’s inhabitants; It works for the sustainable and rural development of the Becharreh region on different economic, social, agricultural, educational, and environmental levels; to implement development project that benefit all of the 22 villages of the region; to enhance cooperation and coordination between governmental agencies, nongovernmental, civil society and community based organizations working in the region; all while applying the highest standards of transparency and international auditing standards.
MP. Sethrida Geagea founded and directed this association in 2007, and it is a prize for the statement of knowledge and news No. 193 / AD dated August 14, 2007, and it is a non-governmental institution that does not intend to.
its goals:
- Its scope of work is in the human district.
-Work on sustainable development from the social, tourism, educational, agricultural and economic aspects of the Becharreh District.
- Developing the means that would support the residents of the district. Working on implementing projects that contribute to rural development.
- Close cooperation with all governmental institutions, organizations and sectors of civil and civil society working in the Becharre District and Lebanon.
Its public projects include all 22 villages and towns in the Becharreh District.
It operates in full transparency under the supervision of the international financial institution for auditing, Deloitte & Touche.

Cedars International Festival Committee (CIF) – 2006 :
Under Registration number 81/AD, MP . Sethrida Geagea founded and directed this association in 2006, a non-profit organization with a vision to revive the Cedar festivals and promote it.
- CIF mission is to increase tourism in the district of Becharreh and reflect the positive image of the symbolic and deep-rooted traditions that this region holds in the history of Lebanon.
A vast rebuilding of the infrastructure of this area rendered it possible to finally revive these festivals in the summer of 2015 after 50 years of discontinuing. Aiming to promote an inclusive approach the Festival took a theme every year and honored renown Lebanese symbols (The Cedar, Lebanese Army, Gebran Khalil, World Heritage Sites, etc…), and hosted topnotch international performers like Shakira and Andrea Boccelli.
Its goals:
In 2015, MP Sethrida Geagea re-launched the "International Cedar Festivals" after a fifty-year hiatus. Its impact was great, and the "International Cedar Festivals" occupied the first place among the festivals that were held in Lebanon, especially with the joining of international artists, such as Shakira and Bocelli. Because the International Cedar Festivals are characterized by a comprehensive national character, they have honored national flags and symbols, respectively, as follows :
- 2015 honored the Lebanese army,
- 2016 honored Gibran Khalil Gibran,
- In 2017, the Lebanese Cedar was honored,
- In 2018, Lebanon honored its heritage and world dimension through its five archaeological sites, Inscribed on the World Heritage List: Baalbek, Anjar, Tyre, Jbeil, Qadisha Valley and the Cedars of God Forest.
- The year 2019 honored the struggling Lebanese people, and released the anthem "Struggle".
We note that the "International Cedar Festivals" and for three years in a row She launched her own production.

Maraya el Jobbat Magazine – 2010
Under registration number 785/2010, she published Maraya el Jobbat, a magazine that covers and supports all the developmental, social and cultural events in the region of Becharreh. So far Forty-five issues were published by the end of 2021, and 3500 copies of each were distributed for free. “Maraya el Jobbat” has become the keeper of the collective and historical memory of the region.

Chance for life – 2014
Under registration number 1508 - she founded Chance for life, a non-profit organization aiming at: the prevention of drug addictions; combating social delinquency; raising awareness through modern education; conducting trainings for schools and for parents; organizing social activities within the scope of work and objectives of the association.

Wadi Qadisha Management Association - 2016 :
Co-founder to this non-profitable organization that is sponsored by the Maronite Patriarchate. It aims to preserve the religious, cultural and natural heritage of the Qadisha valley, knowing that the valley is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List; to contribute to the formulation and implementation of a comprehensive administration plan for the Valley, taking into account the World Heritage Convention; to promote cooperation, at the local, regional and international levels, between the various governmental and non-governmental stakeholders concerned with the valley; and to enable the inhabitant of the valley to live in a health sustainable local environment.
- MP. Sethrida Geagea seeks to promote socio-economic development through sustainable community development initiatives targeting Food Security, Economic Development, Primary Health, Basic Education, Tourism evolution and Environment protection in the aim of encouraging the local inhabitants to remain in their villages and preventing migration or emigration.