Personal information (Title & Position):
Researcher & advocate for environment and socio political NGO "Health & Shield"
Beirut 2
Political Sector:
Main Electoral Topics:
Form financial committees to audit ministries finances and set a budget for each ministry to address the source of waste
Separate the judiciary from other authorities and strengthen the human, social and medical rights of all citizens
Control the ministries expenditures especially those related to social services to prevent waste and end the deficit specifically of tax and customs
Protect youth and encourage them to present their startups through securing loans of 0.15% interest so they could launch their innovative projects from Lebanon
Work on tax exemptions for recent university graduates in the event they come up with an innovative commercial project
Support women financial independency through the establishment of small and medium size enterprises for women to secure them a decent living
Activate long term housing loans for youth
Support people with disabilities and physical impairments to find job opportunities in public and private sectors with decent pay and secure them the priority in foreign companies by 5% of the total number of employees.
Issue the free health card for those with limited income and for those who do not benefit from the social security fund
Preserve water sources
Activate the recycling of household, plastic, solid and oil wastes
Propose alternative for the means of transport as it is the primary cause of air pollution
Develop an environmental plan to preserve Lebanon’s water and land when the process of oil extraction initiates and establish gas and oil reserves away from residences.
Activate the partnership between the private and public sectors given that the shares of the private sector do not exceed 49% and those of the public sector to be 51%
Preserve the public maritime properties
Area(s) of Expertise:
We helped the homeless, refugees and the needy families, especially that our health &shield association represented by Professor Sophie Zaza, is concerned with mothers, children and marginalized women
Our motto is together towards a better tomorrow, whose goal is the human respect and development.
And because we care about the affected families by the Beirut blast, we established the Beirut Relief Chamber and launched a campaign for assistance and support. We completed the restoration of ten homes for elderly women to protect their dignity from homelessness.
More than 350 hot lunches were distributed daily in all the affected areas.
We distributed stationeries to support private and public education by providing affected families with books, notebooks, geometric boxes, pens, crayons, rulers, erasers and sharpeners.
We launched a campaign for health for everyone affected by the blast. We have contributed in medical and laboratory examinations, dental x-rays for mothers and children in cooperation with the Beirut Arab University. We also organized a campaign for eyesight examination in cooperation with specialists.
One of our main concerns was the mental and social health of women and children. The Beirut Relief Chamber received several associations that deal with psychiatry for women and for children, especially women who have lost a close loved one.
Masters In Law